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By Fantelli Productions 07 Nov, 2016 0 Comments

Investing in a franchise is a highly effective way of starting a business, with the proven nature of the business, the added mentoring and experience as well as the benefits of an existing reputation - not to mention the marketing clout a franchisor can offer, it is no wonder the franchise industry is booming, and according to the bfa 2015 was a record year for franchising in the UK.


The latest figures taken from the NatWest/bfa Franchise Survey published Jan 2016, shows a 10% increase in the franchising industry in just two years, here are some of the important numbers: 

 £15.1 billion - The value of the UK Franchise Industry 2015 (annual turnover)

46% - the rate the UK franchise industry has increased over the past 10 years!

97% - the number of franchise units that recorded profitability in 2015. This is a record, showing how strong the industry is.  

£250,000  - The average turnover of a UK based franchise, more than half of franchises show more than a quarter of a million pound turnover.

91% - the number of franchisees reporting satisfaction in their franchise.


901 - the number of franchise brands operating in the UK

621,000 - the number of people that are currently employed in franchising in the UK

The trends across the Atlantic 

In the U.S. the industry continues to boom, we are interested in the statistics from the United States as the trends here usually translate similarly to the UK

$800 billion - The US Franchise industry annual turnover.

8 Million - the number of people employed by franchise businesses across the USA.

97% - The success rate of US franchises - this number reflects franchisees still in business after five years.

So as you can see not only is the franchise industry strong, it is actually increasing in success and has been one area that has weathered the financial crisis both sides of the Atlantic. If you are interested in a resillient, proven business model, let us find your perfect partner!

By Fantelli Productions 01 Sep, 2016 0 Comments

How to franchise your business...

Are you a business owner? Do you have a great business model that could be easily replicated? Do you have something special that you could share with another entrepreneur to help them start their own business as part of your unique brand? If so you could franchise your business.

It can be a big step, going from being a business owner, in control of one (or multiple) outlets of your business, to handing over the reins (with guidance) to another person in a new area, but it can be highly rewarding and lucrative if done correctly. 

Here are our top tips for franchising your business:

  1. Have experience under your belt - you may have come up with a fantastic business model but until you prove it and refine it through good and bad times, you cannot be sure you are selling on the right amount of experience. 
  2. Read up - The bfa is a fantastic source of information, their website tells you everything you need to know and links to registered and recommended professionals. 
  3. Write the rule book - by this we mean write everything you know about your business, what you want from the franchising experience, what you expect of a franchisee and of course what you can offer - the model, the training, the reputation and ‘special’ way of doing things, the support and marketing. This will form the basis of your discussions with your franchise advisor and lawyer, it will become the blueprint for your franchise documents and offering to prospective franchisees.
  4. Seek professional advice - find other companies in your area that have successfully franchised their business (preferably not competitors they may not wish to impart wisdom), franchise professionals can be expensive so any advice and recommendations can be a huge help here - find the wrong one and you can be into a costly relationship with the wrong person, find the right one and your business empire could flourish. 
  5. Create the legal documentation - you will need to have this done by an expert lawyer, it is no good going to the local guy who wrote your will, you have to find a franchise lawyer, without the correct advice and documentation you could find yourself and your hard earned brand in hot water later on.
  6. Recruit the franchisees - finding franchisees can be very hard, depending on the cost of your franchise you have to find people seeking business opportunities in your sector, willing to pay you £ for the right to use your methods… You will likely employ a multi pronged approach, magazines, websites, social media, recruitment specialists and lead generation sources. 

We at franchise-opportunities.co.uk have made this process simple, we find you candidates interested in your sector looking to fund at the level of investment required. When you have completed the first 5 steps above and are ready to recruit franchisees, drop us a line and if we are convinced of your model and experience, if you are bfa registered and have at least one existing franchisee turning a profit, we will happily work with you. Contact us for more information.

By Fantelli Productions 08 Aug, 2016 0 Comments
Franchising is a way of starting a business FOR yourself, without being BY yourself. 

People often ask us 'why couldn't I just do that on my own?' There really are two answers to this; 1) You could, and 2) It would take far more time, much more money and be completely unsupported, whereas with a franchise you are cutting through the years of gaining reputation, learning lessons, valuable experience, and even more years of refining your craft and business model. Just Shutters Franchise Opportunity is a great example of a company that can offer an individual far more than if one was starting a shutter business from scratch.

With a franchise you are buying into a proven method, being part of a brand that is dominant in their niche (rather than competing with them) AND you have the very best 'been there, done that' help and support along the way. 

Two of the most common reasons that start ups fail are 1) Cash flow and 2) Inexperience and lack of mentorship, with a franchise the costings are worked out for you, proven time and again, most eventualities are taken into account from a place of experience and this can greatly help you plan your cash flow - not to mention the fact banks are much happier to lend on a franchise than a start-up and the franchisor/brand can often help you obtain the credit you may need. The experience, support and mentorship given by the franchisor can guide new franchisees through any hurdles and hardships, leading from example and helping smooth the way in more difficult times. 

'What other benefits are there to franchising?' I hear you ask, well we go into each area more in depth later in this blog, but some examples of benefits of franchising would be:

- training
- buying in bulk 
- relationships within the industry and supply chain
- marketing experience and joint marketing pots
- website and digital media help and experience, usually strong SEO
- proven tools, sales kit and materials
- guarantees, warranties and larger company back up in times of dispute
- existing reputation and customer base
- often you will have admin, back office or head office support, whether this be telephone answering or a larger staffing package

With a franchise you can often hit the ground running, growing a business more quickly and cost effectively. We explore these points further later in this blog, stay tuned and if you are considering a franchise, let us help you find the right opportunities for you - contact us